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Is it a bug?

From: Joaquim Francisco Ferreira da Silva
Subject: Is it a bug?
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 09:06:21 +0100

Please Sir,

considering the followinf file "f" containing the following lines:

a  , 1
a  ; 2
a  , 3

If i do:   cat f | sort

sort will give

a  , 1
a  ; 2
a  , 3

However I would like to obtain

a  , 1
a  , 3
a  ; 2

Is it a bug of the sort command? It seems like signs such as  , ; : . )
etc.  are not important in sort. Is it a bug?

How can I solve my problem , since signs are important for me? is there
any swich I can use? My linux is the red hat 7.   My old linux (red hat
6, I think) worked well with sort command.

Thank you very much.

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