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Re: sort 2.0.11 core dump

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: sort 2.0.11 core dump
Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001 22:35:50 +0200
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Jim Randell <address@hidden> wrote:
> I have a problem with 'sort' core dumping on a certain file (for the
> most part 'sort' seems to be performing normally).
> I've attached an strace of the command generated with:
>   strace -o sort-2.0.11-trace sort sort-killer
> I've not attached the input file as it's 35M (although is compresses
> well with bzip2 to 3.2M, so I can send it to you if you need it to try
> and reproduce the problem).
> The system that this is running on is a newly installed RedHat 7.1 x86
> system, upgraded to kernel 2.4.7 SMP, 2x 1GHz PIII CPUs, 2Gb RAM (so
> 4Gb HIGHMEM support is enabled), the source file is resident on a
> reiserfs file system with more than 36Gb free.
> Here are some system details (if you need more details to help
> diagnose this problem please don't hesitate to contact me):
>   # sort --version
>   sort (GNU textutils) 2.0.11

Thanks for the report.
Would you please try to reproduce it with the latest test release?
There have been significant changes in sort since 2.0.11.


If you still get the failure, please point me to the bzip2'd input file.

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