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cat 2.0a

From: Mueller Marius
Subject: cat 2.0a
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 10:15:13 +0200

Hi There!

I'm using RedHat Linux 6.2 and textutils-2.0a-2. 
I know, that the version of textutils I use is lower than the newest, but I
can't upgrade to 2.0e due to libc6 problems of other programs. Perhaps the
following error(?) that I found accidentally is already known and fixed...
If I cat /etc/localtime by any user I want, my shell gets a different
character set (some hyroglyphic kind of shit!). I thought, I know how to
handle Linux, but in this case I can only kill my open shell by another.
Cat'ting other binary files isn't a problem! I don't know if this is a bug
or any kind of security problem, so I wanted you to know this.

Best wishes...

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