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Textutils 2.0.14 on cygwin

From: Matthew Smith
Subject: Textutils 2.0.14 on cygwin
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 16:39:41 -0500


    I've just compiled a cygwin version of Textutils 2.0.14.  I have the
following feedback:

1) I had to change the following line in src/Makefile:

INSTALL = .././install-sh -c
INSTALL = /usr/bin/install -c

Otherwise, a 'make install' would fail.  The other Makefiles seemed to work

2) I can't seem to get the 'locale' dir put into /usr/share (which used to
be the standard place, not sure why it was changed).  I tried feeding
different directory flags such as --libdir=/usr/share
and --datadir=/usr/share to "configure" with no luck, locale still gets
dumped in /usr/lib.

Other than that, everything seems OK.  Everything compiles fine under
cygwin, and all of the 'make check' tests pass.  I'd appreciate some
feedback on point #2 above though.

-Matt Smith
cygwin textutils maintainer

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