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Re: md5sum & DOS text files

From: Mark Lehrer
Subject: Re: md5sum & DOS text files
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 14:26:41 -0700

> Thanks for your report.  Perhaps I am missing something but I don't
> understand the problem.  Your output did not match this question.
> If you want md5sum to computer a result ignoring carriage-return

Thanks for the quick reply!

   > Currently, if the file is a DOS text file, the user gets this:
   > address@hidden:/home/ftp/pub/disk2/gd72-09-23.shnf>md5sum -c 
   > : No such file or directory
   > : FAILED open or read
   > : No such file or directory
   > : FAILED open or read
   > : No such file or directory

   When you say "DOS text file" what does that mean?  A file on a DOS
   filesystem?  Or a file that uses carriage-return, newline instead of a
   simple newline to delimit text lines?

The problem isn't with the files that are being summed, the problem is
with the md5 sum list specified with the -c argument... apparently, if
the .md5 file is DOS formatted, md5sum thinks the filename to check
for each line is "" instead of, for example, gd72-09-23d1t03.shn

Obviously, a Unix expert could strip off the line feed with dos2unix
or equivalent, but a lot of relatively new GNU/Linux users have
trouble with this.  I am tired of dealing with it, and I don't like to
see users include a DOS formatted and Unix formatted file with the
same contents... it's silly.

   You also did not mention the version of md5sum that you were using.
   It is possible that you have a broken version.  If you would like to
   try a test beta version to see if your problem has already been fixed
   then newer versions are available at:

address@hidden:/usr/src>md5sum --version
md5sum (GNU textutils) 2.0e

Thanks for the links, I will try out the newest version and submit
a patch if it still fails.


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