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tail bug

From: Mark Kaminski
Subject: tail bug
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 18:48:27 -0500

Don't know if this is already known, but if I use a very large file, I get the following results:
1) test1.tab is over 3GB
2) atnovemb.tab is a "normal" sized windows file (56 MB)
Any answers?
F:\Shared>tail -100 test1.tab
tail: test1.tab: Invalid argument
F:\Shared>dir *.tab
 Volume in drive F is Data
 Volume Serial Number is E859-6B61
 Directory of F:\Shared
11/02/2000  11:06a          56,547,671 atnovemb.tab
03/20/2001  06:36p                   0 test0.tab
03/08/2001  11:19p       3,149,687,943 test1.tab
03/20/2001  06:39p                   0 test2.tab
               4 File(s)  3,206,235,614 bytes
               0 Dir(s)  61,734,330,368 bytes free
F:\Shared>wc -l test1.tab
17003600 test1.tab
F:\Shared>tail -1 atnovemb.tab
"JOE SKRUGGS"              "969 SALEM RD"    "WANTON HLS" "MA"    "90210"
"0969"  "KTN10PL"       "C034"  "095"

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