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dos/unix utilities

From: Jeremy Dyde
Subject: dos/unix utilities
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 12:01:36 -0800

I have found the utilities extremely useful, in order to emulate processes, that we run in a Unix environment, under Windows NT. I am running them in a win98 environment and then, when the process is working, transferring them to NT. I cannot see why there would be any problems. However, I am having a problem with "wc" recognising that certain directories/files exist when using wildcards for non 8.3 form file names..

For example:
wc -l \postbox\ctm\ctm*.*      fails (with a ENOENT error msg)
wc -l \postbox\ctm\ctm040701   works fine however

It appears to be if the files are other than 8.3 format and, even when the names are subsequently shortened, the problem still occurs.

All of the other programs I use, head, tail and cat, work fine with the long file names, although typically I don't use wildcards with them.
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