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configure problem when cross compiling

From: Torsten Mohr
Subject: configure problem when cross compiling
Date: 01 Dec 2000 21:49:48 CET


i try to configure, compile and install the "textutils-2.0".

My host system is i386-pc-linux,
the target is powerpc-linux (embedded board).

All this fails early when i try to configure:

schleim:/powerpc-linux/usr/src/CDK/src/textutils-2.0 # ./configure \
--target=powerpc-linux \
--prefix=/powerpc-linux/nfsroot \

<lots of output snipped>

checking for AFS
checking for stdlib.h... (cached) yes
checking whether <inttypes.h> defines strtoumax as a macro... no
checking for strtoumax... yes
checking for working re_compile_pattern... no
checking for strcasecmp... yes
checking for strncasecmp... yes
checking for dup2... yes
checking for memchr... yes
checking for memmove... yes
checking for getpagesize... yes
checking whether setvbuf arguments are reversed... configure: error: can not 
run test program while cross compiling
schleim:/powerpc-linux/usr/src/CDK/src/textutils-2.0 #

I get the same error when i try to configure "sh-utils-2.0".
I successfully configured, compiled and installed "fileutils-4.0".

Thank you very much for any hints,

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