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[Bug-teseq] Closing this mailing list

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: [Bug-teseq] Closing this mailing list
Date: Thu, 28 May 2020 16:42:55 -0700

There is no traffic on this list, and the best place to reach out for
info/bug reports on Teseq is really just to email me directly, at
micah@addictivecode.org. Meanwhile, I get a load of spam to the list
that is becoming overwhelming.

I am therefore closing this mailing list moving forward: please direct
any queries to me directly.

The current state of Teseq is that it does not properly handle the
timing info in recordings from more recent versions of the Linux
"script" command, from kernel.org's util-linux ("bsdutils" in
Debian-based systems), as they have changed the way that works. I had
assumed (incorrectly, apparently) that this interface would remain
stable indefinitely. It could be that previous versions were
incompatible with other providers' implementations of the utility;
whatever the case, Teseq can no longer create editable animations from
script's recordings at this time.

I intend to remove support for doing so from that tool. I may choose
to switch to ttyrec, and/or may support tty recording directly from
teseq, so as not to depend on external tools that may change yet
again. However, as I don't believe many people are using Teseq at this
time, the timeline for this fix will be approximately "when I feel
like it". :)


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