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Re: standards for info install

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: standards for info install
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 18:09:59 GMT

Hi Aubrey, Ralf,

    agj> oops -- I meant installdirs; I have changed it in my Makefiles.

I think you are right, a dependency on installdirs would be good in the
make-stds example.  Thanks.

    I took a look at guile-1.9.7/doc/ref/Makefile for an example

Yes, the Automake-generated code is complex.  That's why we don't want
to use it verbatim as an example in make-stds.

FWIW, the rules you wrote for yourself seem basically fine to me.

    rw> What do you conclude that from?  The file is looked for in the
    build directory first, and only then in the source directory.

I think Aubrey is saying that it's possible that a newer version would
be in the source directory, yet the rules (both make-stds's and
automake's) would install the version in the build directory.

I think that's true, in theory.  But in practice, the only time the
build directory gets found is when it is being used for, well, the
build, so it's not a problem.


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