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`make uninstall' is not documented in the `INSTALL' files

From: Roberto Bagnara
Subject: `make uninstall' is not documented in the `INSTALL' files
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2007 22:28:47 +0200
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I tried hard to find a list for which the present message is not off-topic:
address@hidden is the best option came up with.

Almost all GNU (and lots of non-GNU) projects come with a standard INSTALL
file.  While this explains `make install', it does not cover `make uninstall'
at all.  Since the GNU coding standards say that "All GNU programs should
have the following targets in their Makefiles: [...] `uninstall' [...]"
I wonder why this omission.  I realize I should ask this question to
the maintainer of the INSTALL file, but who is he/she?
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
All the best,


Prof. Roberto Bagnara
Computer Science Group
Department of Mathematics, University of Parma, Italy

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