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RE: Conflict between GNU CS and FHS

From: Karl Berry
Subject: RE: Conflict between GNU CS and FHS
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 17:48:02 -0600


My understanding is that the whole purpose of sharedstatedir is to be
usable across machines.  For example, Emacs lock files are sharable
across NFS, and this is extremely useful.  (Emacs is the only program I
know of that uses sharedstatedir -- are there others? --, and these days
it's only used as a backup if the file's own directory is not writable,
but still.)

Of course I understand that at many sites and distributions /usr is
read-only, and in those cases sharedstatedir should, naturally, be
configured as somewhere else in those cases -- hopefully somewhere that
is shared and writable across machines.  If there is no such place, then
I suppose a local /var/something is the likely choice.

Perhaps I missed some of the discussion on this, but I did not see any
alternative being proposed.


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