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Re: @docdir@ and others unimplemented in (autoconf) 2.59

From: Chris Pickett
Subject: Re: @docdir@ and others unimplemented in (autoconf) 2.59
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 22:42:25 -0500
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Karl Berry wrote:
So, in my opinion, these last 8 dirs here + pdfdir and psdir should be removed from the standards until they're available with a stable version of GNU Autoconf.

Hmm.  I see your point, but the autotools developers and I worked hard
to get those variables specified; the idea was that standards.texi
defined what will be implemented.  We weren't at all sure that rms would
approve the notion or if he would want changes, etc.

Hi again Karl,

I found another bug in the online standards, I think.


This should normally be /usr/local/share, but write it as $(datarootdir). (If you are using Autoconf, write it as address@hidden@’.)

I think that's meant to be $(datadir).


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