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cygpath doesn't work with cleartool

From: Jonathan_Baccash
Subject: cygpath doesn't work with cleartool
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 11:03:05 -0800

I am trying to work with cygwin in a directory with name M:\jbaccash_view_
JBACCASH1\main.  But the cleartool commands don't work!!  This is because
the clearcase mvfs is case-sensitive, and cygwin seems to assume all
Windows file systems are case-insensitive.  So whenever I ask for the path,
I get something like:
      $ echo $PWD
The jbaccash_view_jbaccash1 directory NEEDS to be jbaccash_view_JBACCASH1.
And cleartool is also croaking on the /cygdrive/m.  I can fix the
/cygdrive/m by using cygpath, although that's _really_ annoying, but I
can't fix the jbaccash_view_JBACCASH1 unless cygwin provides some other
tool.  The cygpath tool doesn't fix capitalization issues.  If I want to
use cleartool, I have to manually enter the full path with captialization
and everything.

Is there some option I can set in cygwin so that it doesn't fuck up all my
paths, and just uses the windows paths?  What's the whole point of all this
path manipulation?  MKS does it better.



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