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RFE: hostname -s

From: David Kaelbling
Subject: RFE: hostname -s
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 10:54:53 -0400

On IRIX the /usr/bsd/hostname command supports a "-s" option that makes
it return the simple (no domain) version of the host name:

        orchietta 15> hostname

        orchietta 16> hostname -s

It would be nice if the GNU sh-utils hostname also dealt with this
option, as currently some scripts that are sloppy with the PATH settings
break with messages like this:

        hostname: cannot set hostname to `-s': Operation not permitted

Naturally such scripts are wrong, but still...


David KAELBLING <address@hidden>            Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
1 Cabot Rd, suite 250; Hudson, MA 01749       978.562.8857, fax .7450

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