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Re: sanity.sh fails with GNU sh-utils 2.0.x

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: sanity.sh fails with GNU sh-utils 2.0.x
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:01:18 +0100

Hi again.

Thanks for investigating further.

> Yes, I can reproduce the problem with coreutils-4.5.4:
> $ expr $'a\nb' : $'a.*\nb'
> 0

Does that mean you installed expr from coreutils-4.5.4?
Or do you have `.' very early in your path?
Maybe you meant ./expr?

> The default is without regex.  I tried --with-included-regex, which caused
> regex.o to be included into libfetish.a.  However, it didn't affect the
> bug.  The expression above still gives 0.  I'm using glibc-2.2.93 from Red
> Hat 8.0.
> However, replacing regex.c with an older version fixes the problem:
> $ ./expr $'a\nb' : $'a.*\nb'
> 3

I cannot reproduce the problem, not even --with-included-regex.
It always does this:

  $ ./expr $'a\nb' : $'a.*\nb'

just about out of ideas...


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