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Re: who bug i have

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: who bug i have
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 15:50:41 -0700
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Jake <address@hidden> [2002-11-25 17:22:04 -0500]:
> Just wondering if you know what causes this. If I exit the shell without
> typing exit, i stay logged. when i do a who i can see a connection that
> dates of days ago. but its not opened and its proccess is long dead. how do
> i clean it so that when i do who, the dead ones are not in list. and i didnt
> type -d

'who' reports the contents of utmp file.  If the session is not closed
out then 'who' will show the data from the opened session.  I can't
guess why the utmp has old data in it.  That is really more of a
problem for other utilities in the operating system.

There have been reports that who has a bug and is reporting more than
it should.  But so far no one has tracked that down yet.  If you do
then please post reports and patches.


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