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From: Perrault, Brian
Subject: Bug
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 11:24:56 -0500

To whom it may concern,

        I am a researcher at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory.  I am attempting to
use stty, from GNU sh-utils, v. 1.16, which ships with the Sharp Zaurus
handheld.  This is part of a national defense program.

        When using stty, there is no option to select the device of interest
before changing settings.  I.e. if I want to change ispeed or ispeed for
/dev/ttyS0 instead of the default, there isn't a way to do that.

        Newer versions allow the flag -F DEVICENAME.  This one doesn't.

        How can I do this?

        Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Brian P

Brian J Perrault
Group 99
Advanced Space Systems and Concepts
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
(781) 981-3357

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