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GNU sed version 2.05 failure.....

From: srinivasan . balakrishnan
Subject: GNU sed version 2.05 failure.....
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 09:38:39 -0500


I have been using your unix utilities on my Windows NT MS-DOS prompt for
quite sometime now and I find it useful.
Today I faced a problem while running your sed utility on a 446 MegaBytes
data file while doing a search and change on it...
It keeps throwing up with the following error message :

H:\TEMP>type all.txt | e:\utilities\sed "s/@@/  /g" > tmp8

(e:\utilities\sed.exe 1000) commit_and_inc: VirtualAlloc failed
//e/utilities/sed: Couldn't re-allocate memory
The process tried to write to a nonexistent pipe.

I dont understand why the utility takes up the entire file it is reading
into paging memory and does the processing..
Can you suggest some solution for the above problem as to how to make the
sed utility to do its search & change work on large files....
I would like to have any other solution apart from these :

(1) Split the large file into small , get the search/change processing done
and then join all the small files back into a large one.
(2) Increase the paging memory in my system..

Is it possible for the sed utility to take only a portion of the large file
at one time into paging memory and do the processing...instead of taking
the contents of the whole file...say like though it starts of processing on
a 446 MB file it should take like 10000 lines into paging memory and do the
changes at a time...

By the way, the version of the sed utility I am using is,

H:\TEMP>e:\utilities\sed --version
GNU sed version 2.05

So I would also like to know if you have any other latest version on the
above sed utility,
which can take care of my above problem and is also available as a
freeware on a website in the net...

I am looking forward to a solution on the above from you...


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