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Re: Bug in Expr 2.0.12 - .* too greedy

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Bug in Expr 2.0.12 - .* too greedy
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 17:03:47 -0500
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Larry Jones wrote:

Derek Robert Price writes:
The expr, version 2.0.12, which happens to be distributed with RH Linux 8.0 is broken. .* is way too greedy. Here's a test case:

FWIW, the oldest 2.0.x I can find is 2.0.13 and it seems to work
correctly, so I'm guessing the bug didn't last long.  RH just picked
an unfortunate version to distribute.

Actually, I can duplicate the bug on my machine with the 4.5.3 that Jim Meyering suggested. I think the bug is in glibc 2.2.93. address@hidden at RedHat tells me that expr uses the GNU regex library. I'm looking into that now. With any luck, someone at RedHat is looking into it too. :)



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