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bug in echo util

From: Andrew Skiba
Subject: bug in echo util
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 20:24:37 +0300

I know this can hardly be called bug, but anyway... 
man echo promises me --version and --help command line options. Note 
that man echo does not mention POSIXLY_CORRECT environment variable. 
So when i tried  
        $ echo --version 
I got in the output 
i.e. it does not treat --version as an option, but rather as a 
regular argument, which must be printed. The same applies to --help 
option. Version of sh-utils is 2.0.15-2mdk. Command 
        $ unset POSIXLY_CORRECT 
has no effect. 
Appretiating your work. 
Andrew Skiba. 

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