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BUG in expr command

From: Udai Ram Bishnoi
Subject: BUG in expr command
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 17:23:37 +0530

   I would kindly bring to your notice an error in the functionality of the 
shell program 'expr'. The program malfunctions whenever we try to evaluate an 
expression containing the symbols '<' or '>'. After hours of debugging, I 
noticed that the Unix shell by default uses these symbols for redirection, so 
the command never gets to see these symbols. So, inspite of the mention of the 
symbols in the manual documenation and the in-file documentation, i.e. using 
the 'expr --help' command, the functionality of those is not realised.

   I would be glad if you could notify me of any improvements taken in this 
regard and a roundabout solution to this problem, if any using 'expr'.


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