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patch to shellutils / tee.c

From: Martin Blais
Subject: patch to shellutils / tee.c
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 16:44:37 +1000

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i've been craving for an option to tee to be able to output to stderr. i'd 
been using the following shell function for a while:

function teeerr () {
    # print stdin to both stdout and stderr
    while read i ; do
        echo "$i"
        echo "$i" 1>&2

but i just had a look at the source code and adding the capability to tee was 
dead easy, so i just did it myself. the patch is attached, as well as what i 
propose should be the new tee.c (the patched file). if you're going to 
consider it, please review the changes, it should be very simple.  i branched 
off of 2.0.12 from alpha.gnu.org.

this feature is convenient to monitor something in the middle of a pipe which 
doesn't otherwise output error nor output. another possibility was to tee to 
a fifo, and tail off the fifo, but that requires creating and destroying the 

please let me know if you decide to include the patch.
thank you,

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