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Re: Re: Problem with test -d

From: stefan . marquardt
Subject: Re: Re: Problem with test -d
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 10:10:46 +0200

Hello Bob,

i thinks that "test -d one two three" should work fine.

>Thanks for your report.  There does indeed seem to be a problem on
>HP-UX.  I am filing a defect against it.

>> ENTW-HP: /home/user/work # test -d man???
>> ENTW-HP: /home/user/work # echo $?
>> 0
>> ENTW-HP: /home/user/work # echo $USERDIR/work/man???
>> /home/user/work/man000 /home/user/work/man001 /home/user/work/man002

>What shell are you using?  'test' is a builtin to the shell.  On HP-UX
>this might be /bin/sh, /bin/ksh, /bin/csh, etc.

>  type test
>  test is a shell builtin

Built -in, POSIX Shell from HP.

>> On Linux:
>> address@hidden /home]# echo $USERDIR/work/man???
>> /home/work/man100 /home/work/man101 /home/work/man102
>> address@hidden /home]# test -d $USERDIR/work/man???
>> test: too many arguments

>I was able to recreate your problem on hpux.

>On HP-UX:
>  sh -c 'test -d . one two three;echo $?'
>  0
>But IMNHO that is incorrect behavior.  The GNU utilities and probably
>the bash shell(?) are implementing correct behavior.  Those extra
>arguments should not be there.  This is apparently covering up a bug
>in the shell script.

Hmm ..

"test -d . one two three" gets returncode 0 on:

HP-UX, SCO OpenServer 5.05, ReliantUnix (Sinix), SunSolaris

This is 4:1 .

If it works in all other OS i think that it isn't an correct behavior.

hagebau dd

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