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Re: Bug in GNU date

From: Niall O Broin
Subject: Re: Bug in GNU date
Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 20:33:53 +0100
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     I changed the date on one of the affected boxes (the only
non-operational one) so that the date asked for with 'last XXXday' doesn't
span DST savings changeover point and the problem disappears. 

So, I think we can fairly say that if your box's system time zone is one
affected by European Daylight Savings (perhaps it affects U.S.A. Daylight
Savings too - I don't know) and you don't have TZ set in your environment,
even to a null value, date up to and including 2.0.11 has a bug with the -d
"last XXXday" option if the daylight savings changeover point falls between
now and the day specified.

Kindest regards,


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