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pinky -l bug ?

From: Frantisek Hanzlik
Subject: pinky -l bug ?
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 07:06:51 +0200
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Hello, when I run (on Linux RedHat 7.2/kernel 2.4.18) "pinky -l"
from "sh-utils" package, in produce no output.

Pinky with "-s" or without switches produce this:

Login       Name             TTY       Idle   When         Where
root     root                 tty1     08:41  Mar 31 14:54
root     root                 tty2     07:54  Mar 31 15:40
root     root                 tty3     08:13  Mar 31 18:51
root     root                 tty4     08:19  Apr  1 18:40
root     root                 tty5     00:03  Apr  1 18:43
root     root                 tty6            Apr  1 22:47
root     root                 tty7            Apr  1 23:55
root     root                 tty8     12:38  Mar 31 21:04

May be pinky or my bug?
F. Hanzlik

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