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Nasty install bug / patch

From: Paul Ruhland
Subject: Nasty install bug / patch
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 01:06:48 -0500


I've been building a powerpc-linux cross development environment and came 
across this nasty bug in the sh-utils install.

To keep any hardcoded paths anchored at the filesystem root ( some packages, 
ie. inetutils, libraries ) I configure with '--prefix=/usr' and 
'--exec-prefix='.  Then install is typically run like so:

   make DESTDIR=/home/me/projects/aproject/nfsroot install

   where the DESTDIR is the root filesystem for mounting via nfs,
     making cramfs images, etc.

Well, in the 'src/Makefile' there is an expression evaluated during the 
installation of 'su' that ends up writing of the host cpus '/bin/su' with the 
cross-compiled executable.  This only happens if installing as root but 
sometimes I do this to save endless chowning of the target filesystem.

I've attached a patch to fix this...against 'sh-utils-2.0'.  Don't know if 
this has been fixed by now, but here it is.

Paul Ruhland

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