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Bug in the login (tty) in Gnu-Shell Utils 2.0

From: Mark C. Pawson
Subject: Bug in the login (tty) in Gnu-Shell Utils 2.0
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 16:52:44 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have noticed what appears to me to be a bug in tty.  I use Slackware
GNU/Linux 8.0 with GNU Shell Utils 2.0.  I use the Linux Kernel 2.2.19.  When
the login screen appears after booting if I press the right arrow on my
keyboard, which places [C in the username space then press enter to type in the
password, the case of the letters changes to uppercase.  This affects the
password prompt and everything else I type even if I then make a successful
login later.  The only way to return to normal appears to require me to login
successfully then log out again.  I have only found this with this version of
GNU/Linux, a Red Hat distribution that I have used before does not appear to
posses this behavior.  I do hope this small report is useful for you.

Many Thanks

Mark Pawson.

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