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Bug in date +%s

From: Udayraj Amin
Subject: Bug in date +%s
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 09:05:43 +0900

Hi there
I was trying date +%s option of date.
If I try the following command:
 date -d "Sep 18 2001" +%s
The result is 1032411660
if I try date +%s (Today being 2nd Jan 2002)
The result is 1009994337
If I try this command: date -d "Jan 02 2002" +%s
The result is 1010034120.
I am running equivalent of Red Hat Linux 7 called woolinux in Korea.
In man date, %s is described as " %s     seconds since 00:00:00, Jan 1, 1970 (a GNU extension)"
Can you look into the matter. Or is my interpretation wrong.

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