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Possible partial D.o.S.

From: H VC
Subject: Possible partial D.o.S.
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 18:55:14 +0000


I have noticed that sh-utils version that ships with RedHat 7.2 is
2.0.11-5 version. Previous release of RH ( 7.1 ) came with 2.0-13 sh-utils. ¿ Why this ? Also I've been playing with su that comes with 2.0.11-5 and I got some strange results. I tried to su to a very large, but carefully calculated, user, and I have my Linux not responding.
Example :

su `perl -e 'print "A" x 100000000'`

This leave my box in not a really nice condition, I have all Memory consumed and then begins to swap ...

I have noticed also that if you try with a user_name that system can map in swap, and you have big swap, then you have the system not responding.

Is it a normal feature ?

My system : RedHat 7.2 ( sh-utils-2.0.11-5 )
            128 MB RAM
            K6-II  500 Mhz
            570 MB of swap

Is not "su" able to check for the size of the string before parsing all of it ?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.


Hugo Vázquez Caramés
Analista de Seguridad Telemática
IT Security Services Winmat

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