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Bug in date 2.0.11

From: Andrej Bauer
Subject: Bug in date 2.0.11
Date: 30 Oct 2001 18:11:14 +0100
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I am reporting a bug in the "date" utility version 2.0.11,
running on a Debian Linux (woody). Here is the version reported:

$ date --version
date (GNU sh-utils) 2.0.11
Written by David MacKenzie.

The date command computes incorrectly the "tomorrow" time relative to
the last Sunday of March or October (the day on which daylight savings
goes into/out of effect). Here are examples of incorrect behavior:

$ date --date="2001-03-25 tomorrow"
Mon Mar 26 01:00:00 CEST 2001          <<<<<<< 1 hour too late

$ date --date="2001-10-28 tomorrow"
Sun Oct 28 23:00:00 CET 2001           <<<<<<< 1 hour too early

The bug can be circumvented by using "day" instead of "tomorrow":

$ date --date="2001-03-25 day"
Mon Mar 26 00:00:00 CEST 2001

This bug does not occur with 'date' version 2.0 on Debian Linux

Andrej Bauer

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