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Re: kill

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: kill
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 10:34:29 +0200
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Neal H Walfield <address@hidden> wrote:

>> Have you considered the one in the procps package?
>>   $ dpkg --search /bin/kill
>>   procps: /bin/kill
> procps is a Linux specific package.  If we went this route, we would
> have to just rip out kill and it seems silly to make a new package just
> for a three line shell script.  Thus, shellutils seemed like the best
> location.
>> What about this?
>>   $ sudo bash -c 'kill ...'
> Of course, however, this is a bit inconvenient.

Meaning you have to type more?  :-)
Then how about this:

  sudo-kill() { sudo bash -c "kill $@"; }

You're probably beginning to see that I'm reluctant
to add `kill' to the sh-utils.  A shell script would not be
portable enough, because it'd depend on there being an available
shell with a sufficiently featureful kill builtin function.

Writing a _portable_ (not just to GNU systems) C version is possible,
but wouldn't be trivial.  Then add documentation.

However, if you're motivated and offer to do all the work, you could
probably convince me...

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