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Re: sh-utils 2.0j: configure bug

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: sh-utils 2.0j: configure bug
Date: 09 Jun 2001 09:49:09 +0200
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Keith Warno <address@hidden> wrote:
| configure of sh-utils 2.0j fails to set HAVE_DECL_STRNDUP to non-zero,
| resulting in a strndup() declaration in src/sys2.h.  Because the package
| is compiled with an optimation flag (-O2) the compiler attempts to use
| various string macros, one of which is strndup().  This conflicts with
| the src/sys2.h:
| In file included from system.h:278,
|                  from date.c:28:
| sys2.h:287: macro `strndup' used without args
| make[2]: *** [date.o] Error 1

Thanks for the report.
That's fixed in the latest test release.

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