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a possible su bug...

From: Super-User
Subject: a possible su bug...
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 17:36:45 -0700 (PDT)

Reply-to: address@hidden

Hi there,

I'm on a solaris 2.7 system and have found (what I'd call a bug) with my head. 
the scenario:

I do a su command to smuser and then type in which ps. With the (your?) 
sh-utils su
command the results are /usr/ucb/ps BUT when I use suns su command, the which ps
command returns /usr/bin/ps. THIS IS DISASTEROUS for "us/me" because there are
scripts in ~smuser that just reference ps as ps, no path!!! Just ps. Of course, 
know what's comming next, the /usr/ucb/ps command takes different parameters 
/usr/bin/ps. Sigh...

Below is a log from the testing I've done.

If you require any more info or a place to test changes, please do NOT hesitate 
contact me.

George R. Goffe



5.7 root->sjrd1# which su
5.7 root->sjrd1# su --help
Usage: su [OPTION]... [-] [USER [ARG]...]
Change the effective user id and group id to that of USER.

  -, -l, --login               make the shell a login shell
  -c, --commmand=COMMAND       pass a single COMMAND to the shell with -c
  -f, --fast                   pass -f to the shell (for csh or tcsh)
  -m, --preserve-environment   do not reset environment variables
  -p                           same as -m
  -s, --shell=SHELL            run SHELL if /etc/shells allows it
      --help                   display this help and exit
      --version                output version information and exit

A mere - implies -l.   If USER not given, assume root.

Report bugs to <address@hidden>.

5.7 root->sjrd1# su - smuser
Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.7 Generic October 1998
$ which ps
$ ^D
5.7 root->sjrd1# psg wind
 F S      UID   PID  PPID  CLS PRI     ADDR     SZ    WCHAN    STIME TTY      
 8 S   smuser 29666     1   TS  58        ?    477        ? 16:52:22 ?        
0:00 ./windu_registryd43 -d /apps/smuser
5.7 root->sjrd1# /usr/bin/su - smuser
Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.7 Generic October 1998
$ which ps

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