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Re: Date doesn't accept "date -s 05270925"

From: Otto Wyss
Subject: Re: Date doesn't accept "date -s 05270925"
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 23:20:25 +0200

> What you probably mean is something like this:
>   date --set='2001-05-27 09:25'
I've certainly uncountable times set the time with date during the last
five years, but simply could not grasp the syntax anymore. I've went
through man and info and even scanned my disk for any examples, my brain
was fixed at the --set option. I also tried the ISO format but didn't
remember the correct delimiters, date almost drove me nuts.

Well I think date should have accepted my command or 'date -s
"05270925"' or something similar. At least an example in the man page
would helped as well. A better description of the ISO format might also
be a good idea.

O. Wyss

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