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GNU Date?

From: Mike Kirgan
Subject: GNU Date?
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 13:03:06 -0500

Nevermind, I just noticed that the name of the bugs email address had the
package name in it. I have since downloaded the package.  The program I
need is there.  It appears the name is date, instead of gdate, but it
appears to be the same program.

Thanks anyway,


>The help file of gdate listed your e-mail to report bugs.  This is not a
bug, but I wasn't sure who to contact.
>I took over administration of a server and one of the users on that system
use gdate in his scripts.  I am settinng up a new server and I will have
>to migrate everything to this new server.  The previous administrator did
not leave any src files for me to recompile gdate on my new server, so I
>am out searching for this package. 
>I have looked through the GNU software at your site, but so far I have not
found this program.  Is it a seperate package or is it part of another
>package?  The output of --help is listed below just in case you need that
to identify what program I am talking about.
>Thaks for your help,
>Mike Kirgan
>Systems Administrator, OTR
>University of Southern Mississippi
>Email: address@hidden
>Phone: (601) 266-6430
>mangrove# gdate --help
>Usage: gdate [OPTION]... [+FORMAT]
 > or:  gdate [OPTION] [MMDDhhmm[[CC]YY][.ss]]

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