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FREE Catalog

From: Linda&Dale
Subject: FREE Catalog
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 17:43:59 -0500

Happy Holidays from Linda and Dale!

YOU have been selected to receive a FREE "Showcase" catalog!

As our Holiday gift to you, we will send you our BEAUTIFUL full-color 
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It's jam-packed with our best high-quality gift merchandise that is PERFECT for 
every gift occasion.  We even have a way for you to make money while you shop 
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Please click here to order your FREE "Showcase" catalog... 
http://www.wholesalespecialties.com/showcasecatalogorder.htm and click here to 
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Thanks again and have a WONDREFUL hoilday season!

Linda and Dale
Lindale USA 

Your email address was submitted to us by a visitor to our web site.  They want 
to let you know about our fabulous offer so that you can have your own FREE 
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have received this email offer by mistake, please click here to be 
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