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Re: linux usleep

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: linux usleep
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 10:44:41 -0700 (MST)

Jin Xinhua

Thank you for your bug report to the sh-utils mail list.  That is a
list devoted to GNU software used portably across many operating
systems.  However your problem appears unrelated to the sh-utils
package.  It appears that you have issues related to the operating
system kernel itself where the usleep() kernel system call is
implemented.  This is does not appear related to the sh-utils except
that sh-utils also uses operating operating system calls.

You did not say but I assume you are using the Linux kernel?  Assuming
you are using the Linux kernel I suggest you take your question to the
the kernel developers mailing list at address@hidden
which is devoted to linux kernel development.

Bob Proulx

> dear sir,
> can you help to solve following problem??
> I am using GCC to port  RS485 device driver, but i encounted a serious 
> problem.
> In my program code, i should get a micro second level delay and called the
> function usleep(1000) for delay 1 ms, but can't get the
> result. i got the waveform using scope, but can only get a delay for at least 
> 20
> ms, no matter how chang the value.
> i tried to modify the HZ value in <asm/param.h>, but also the same ...
> Dear sir, another question irritate me from compille warning:   implicit
> declaration of function 'usleep'
> it just happened after i modified the <asm/param.h> and compiled the source
> code. And make me puzzled is that i
> can't restore its previous status (no any warning).
> what can this happen? i have alread added the header files. BEFORE , no this
> warning exist!!
> dear sir, please give me hint, it is urgent for my project.
> Thank u very much.
> Jin Xinhua
> R&D
> GES Singapore Ptd Ltd
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