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add contact for translations (Re: tar German help text error)

From: Karl Eichwalder
Subject: add contact for translations (Re: tar German help text error)
Date: 24 Sep 2000 22:25:07 +0200
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Gerhard Poul <address@hidden> writes:

> "Fehlerberichte und Verbesserungsvorschlaege bite an <address@hidden>\n"
> "schicken.\n"
> "\n"
> "Fuer die deutsche Uebersetzung ist die Mailingliste <address@hidden> 
> zustaendig.\n"

Yes, that's what our intention is.  Unfortunately, translators often
forget to add this addtional info.  A reminder for the translators would
be good; for `hello' I just added the following comment:

      /* --help output 5 (end)
         TRANSLATORS, please don't forget to add the contact address for
         your translation!
         no-wrap */
      fputs (_("\
Report bugs to <address@hidden>.\n"), stdout);

      exit (0);

xgettext will extract this comment and add it to the message file to
remind the translator.  I'd like to see added such a cooment to all
utils packages/tools.  Maybe, this helps :)

I hope, it's clear what I want to say.

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