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[bug-recutils] Encryption/Decryption problems

From: Segundo Bob
Subject: [bug-recutils] Encryption/Decryption problems
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2017 17:32:07 -0800
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I installed recutils from the standard repositories for Xubuntu 16.04.
This gave me recutils release 1.7.

The following 3 examples provided by recutils fail:

2017-03-02 17:06:35 /usr/share/doc/recutils/examples/passwords
$ ./show-encrypted-passwords.sh
recsel: invalid option -- 's'

2017-03-02 17:07:40 /usr/share/doc/recutils/examples/passwords
$ recfix --decrypt -s mypassword passwords.rec
recfix: unrecognized option '--decrypt'

2017-03-02 17:21:13 /usr/share/doc/recutils/examples/passwords
$ recfix --encrypt -s mypassword passwords.rec
recfix: unrecognized option '--encrypt'

Did I miss a caveat saying that recutils 1.7 does not implement
encryption/decryption?  Was including these examples a mistake?

The documentation indicates that the -s, --decrypt, and --encrypt
options should all work.

Is this a Ubuntu packaging issue?
Segundo Bob

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