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[bug-recutils] Python support

From: Maninya M
Subject: [bug-recutils] Python support
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 23:58:15 +0530


My Github repo:
recutils.c - C program that will provide the interface to Python.
recutils_stubs.py - How the functions would look like in Python. Also my base to know all the required functions.

1) Please check the stubs file which contains some functions that would be used in Python. I have begun writing functions to parse files first. The function RecDb_loadfile() loads a rec file into the database. Please let me know to what level the C functions need to be exposed in Python. 
2) Please let me know if this approach is alright.
3) Shall I use pip for installation? Setup.py seems a bit messy, and we can't uninstall easily.
4) I am working on writing DB to file and the rest of the functions. 

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