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[bug-recutils] Feature Requests

From: John Darrington
Subject: [bug-recutils] Feature Requests
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 08:03:33 +0100
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Yesterday, I was experimenting with recutils for a project.  The following 
would have made it a lot easier:

1.  Templates need to be somewhat more flexible.  In particular is seems not to 
be possible
to determine the format of a field.  For example, if x is an integer field, how 
can I
get it into a template in (say) hexadecimal? {{x}} seems ok if and only if it 
is in 
in the recfile as a hex string.

2.  Similarly, given a field with multiple values eg:

        foo: FirstVal
        foo: SecondVal
        foo: ThirdVal

I can't see any easy way to write a template which will result in a list: like
"The values of foo are FirstVal, SecondVal, ThirdVal"

3.  Selection expressions:  Please provide bitwise operators.

4.  csvtorec : Could we have an option to import csv files in the opposite 
"orientation" ?

    That is to say.: currently a csv file

d0, d1, d2
x,  y,  z

imports as

d0: x
d1: y
d2: z

I want:

d0: d1
x:  y

d0: d2
x:  z

A switch to specify the orientation would be great!


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