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Control sequence for upper case letter

From: Jackson Benete
Subject: Control sequence for upper case letter
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2021 15:05:02 -0300

I just post the same question in superuser, but I should have asked it here 

There is a way to escape an uppercase letter? Just like we can escape sequences 
with ^V, or like we can transpose the characters in cursor with ^T. There is a 
way to uppercase the character in cursor or something?

The problem is that I’m not good at touch-typing, and I’m trying to improve. I 
have difficulty to stretch my pinky to reach shift, since my control is in 
capslock I can do some things that would involve leaving the home row easily 
using readline (i.e. ^H instead of reaching backspace).

Maybe there is a way to transform the character in cursor or to escape the next 
character as uppercase?

Would something like this be a nice patch or would it break something and not a 
welcome feature to readline?

Jackson Benete

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