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Re: [Bug-readline] bug report: rl_completion_append_char is reset to ' '

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: [Bug-readline] bug report: rl_completion_append_char is reset to ' ' by completion
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2018 16:26:25 -0800
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On 11/27/18 3:14 PM, Chad Whipkey wrote:
> Hello,
> This occurs in release 6.2, and was a change in behavior from 5.x as far as
> I know.
> If you have a program that has:
>   rl_completion_append_char = '\0';
> as part of its code to set up readline, then that value is reset to ' '
> during completion - effectively making rl_completion_append_char not usable
> this way.  I am pretty sure this worked on 5.x.

This was changed almost 12 years ago in response to a bug report. All of
the completion-function-specific variables are set to the defaults before
an application-supplied completion function is called, and that's the only
place they're set. Application completion functions can change whatever
they want with the assurance the changes are temporary.

BTW, if you want to suppress appending a character to completions, you can
also set rl_completion_suppress_append in your completion function. That
was added long before this change was made.


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