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[Bug-readline] No rl_tty_set_echoing in readline.h

From: kortstro
Subject: [Bug-readline] No rl_tty_set_echoing in readline.h
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2018 14:30:35 +0300
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- Version: Latest (readline-7.0 patch 5)

- OS: Fedora

- Description: Function rl_tty_set_echoing is currently lacking definition in the readline.h unlike other terminal management functions. I guess this is unintentional as it seems like the function is purely for external users?

- Recreating: attempt to call rl_tty_set_echoing from readline library

- Fix: patch attached

Niko Kortström

Attachment: 0001-Include-rl_tty_set_echoing-to-readline-headers.patch
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