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[Bug-readline] 8.0-alpha : a trivial typo in info

From: 林宏雄
Subject: [Bug-readline] 8.0-alpha : a trivial typo in info
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2018 14:47:37 +0900

rltech.texi misses a comma (',').

--- doc/rltech.texi.org 2018-05-23 05:56:09.000000000 +0900
+++ doc/rltech.texi     2018-06-17 12:17:22.846721100 +0900
@@ -848,7 +848,7 @@
 it points to (one of @code{ISFUNC}, @code{ISKMAP}, or @code{ISMACR}).
address@hidden deftypefun

address@hidden {rl_command_func_t *} rl_function_of_keyseq_len (const char *keyseq, size_t len Keymap map, int *type)
address@hidden {rl_command_func_t *} rl_function_of_keyseq_len (const char *keyseq, size_t len, Keymap map, int *type)
 Return the function invoked by @var{keyseq} of length @var{len}
 in keymap @var{map}. Equivalent to @code{rl_function_of_keyseq} with the
 addition of the @var{len} parameter.

BTW this function is equivalent with _rl_function_of_keyseq_internal().
And it just saves a call of strlen(keyseq) comparing to rl_function_of_keyseq().
Is it worth to be defined as a new public function?
Hiroo Hayashi

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