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[Bug-readline] Re: rlwrap: configure.ac and cross_compiling

From: Hans Lub
Subject: [Bug-readline] Re: rlwrap: configure.ac and cross_compiling
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 00:02:41 +0200

[Cristian Idbohm:]
> On the 'crisv32' (result after typing a single 'f'):

>        # ./rltest1.1
>        Enter a line:
>        Disappointingly, I couldn't even stuff a single 'f' into
>       readline's 512-byte long input queue, giving up :-(

What is strange here is that rl_stuff_char() returns 0 (i.e. an error value) at the first keystroke (the double echoing on the i686 is to be expected, due to an superfluous rl_stuff_char() call that I forgot to edit out - but that is irrelevant to the problem at hand.)

However close I look into input.c in the readline sources I cannot understand how such a thing could ever happen before the input queue has filled up, even before anything has been put into it.


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