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RE: [Bug-readline] nul's from tputs(called by rl_ding) when prefer_visib

From: McConnaughey, Bill
Subject: RE: [Bug-readline] nul's from tputs(called by rl_ding) when prefer_visible_bell is On
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 09:19:29 -0500

From: Chet Ramey address@hidden
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 9:49 PM
To: McConnaughey, Bill
Cc: address@hidden; address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Bug-readline] nul's from tputs(called by rl_ding) when 
prefer_visible_bell is On

On 4/28/10 4:47 PM, McConnaughey, Bill wrote:
> I made some additions to readline-6.1 in order to record what goes in and 
> out, so that I can
> debug a misbehaving graphical interface. The record reveals a probable bug, 
> but I don't know
> enough about curses to tell whether the bug is in there or in readline.
> Consistently seen pattern, when prefer-visible-bell is On
> Left column is from the log file made by readline with my changes; 
> explanations are added at the right
> i1 ^[                                   I pushed the cursor-left key
> i1 [
> i1 D
> o3 tputs[1](^H)                         readline emitted a backspace
> o1 ^H
> i1 ^[                                   I pushed the cursor-left key, but I 
> was already at the start of the line
> i1 [
> i1 D
> o10 tputs(^[[?5h^[[?5l$<200/>)          readline issued the visible bell 
> sequence via tputs in rl_ding
> o1 ^[
> o1 [
> o1 ?
> o1 5
> o1 h
> o1 ^[
> o1 [
> o1 ?
> o1 5
> o1 l
> o1 ^@                                   and it is followed by exactly 853 
> nuls's
> o1 ^@
> o1 ^@
> o1 ^@
> .....
> o1 ^@

You can test this fairly easily.  Run gdb on your program (from another
terminal using `attach', if necessary), set a breakpoint in rl_ding,
wait for it to hit, and examine the value of _rl_visible_bell.  If it
doesn't include 853 NUL characters, the problem must be tputs padding
the output.


Thanks for the hint, Chet. I tried it and got

(gdb) p _rl_visible_bell
$1= 0xb7e00637 "\33[?5h\33[?5l$<200/>"

which is completely consistent with the record from my modified readline. I 
made a guess and changed the '$' (_rl_visible_bell[10]) to nul. Then the 
terminal blinked in the same manner as before, but the 853 nul's were not 
emitted. So I still don't know where the bug is (or whether it is deliberate 
padding), but I can easily patch it.

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