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Re: Very minor mistakes in GNU Prolog Manual 1.3.0

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: Re: Very minor mistakes in GNU Prolog Manual 1.3.0
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 12:09:09 +0200
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Thank you Dave for your reports.
I look at them asap...

Dave Sworin a écrit :

List of VERY MINOR mistakes in GNU Prolog Manual from HTML Version 1.3.0


Section 3.2.1


... executed in the oder of appearance.

[Should read “... executed in the order of appearance.”]


Section 3.3


LOCALSZ=8192; export LOCALS      (under sh or bash)

[Should be “... export LOCALSZ...”]


Section 3.4.2


*.wbc file extension missing from table


Section 3.4.3


–no-redef-error  no not show errors for
built-in predicate redefinitions

[Should read “do not show ...”]


Section 5.3.1


throw(error(instantiation_error), my_pred/1)),

[Should read “throw((error(instantiation_error), my_pred/1)),”
otherwise one gets unmatched parentheses for non-existent throw/2.
This mistake is repeated twice.]


Section 7.3.1


(in the ISO reference the oder of variables is system dependent)
[Should read “...the order of variables...”]


Section 7.10.6


open(SourceSink, Mode, Stream, Options) is equivalent
to open(SourceSink, Mode, Stream, []).

[Should read “open(SourceSink, Mode, Stream) is equivalent
to open(SourceSink, Mode, Stream, []).”]


Section 7.12.2


get_key(+stream_or_alias, ?integer) but get_key(Code, SorA)

[The order of the arguments in the Templates and in the Description
sections do not match for get_key/2. Please check get_key_no_echo/2 also.]


Section 7.14.7


...print using spaces on the rigth if needed...

[“rigth” should be spelled “right”]


Section 7.14.10


Operator “:” (colon) listed and defined by GNU Prolog but not in
Prolog: The Standard reference manual table of predefined operators
and no other information given in the GNU Prolog Manual.
Is this intentional?


Section 7.17.1


...the input list (Start) and the output list (Stop).

[Should read “...the input list (Start) and the output list (End).”
to match the example below, or the example should be
changed to use Stop.]


Section 7.19.7


number_chars(Number, Chars) is similar to number_atom/2 but
deals with a list of character codes.

number_codes(Number, Codes) is similar to number_atom/2 but
deals with a list of characters.

[The end of these descriptions should be swapped.
number_chars/2 should have “... a list of characters” and
number_codes/2 should have “... a list of character codes”.]


Section 7.21.7


The query testl(B) will succeed...

[There is no query “testl(B)” shown above.
Both queries are shown as test(B).]


Section 7.27.10


...or if it its permissions...

[Repeated words “it its”.]


Section 7.27.23


process can be ontained using wait/2

[Typo should be corrected to spell “obtained”, not “ontained”.]




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