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Re: A simple sample

From: Ron Stodden
Subject: Re: A simple sample
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 09:24:15 +1100
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address@hidden wrote:
I'm using GNU Prolog for my research. But there some problem with my program,
which puzzled me for a long time. Here is the source code of my program, after compiled to executable file, the result is " user directive failed". Can anyone help me locate the
error in my program? Thanks!

I had to fold your one single excessively long line. Does your mailer (MS Outlook Express, I see) not manage line folding? Does that imply you are using the Windows port of gprolog? Also your Reply-to header is set incorrectly and I had to overrride it. If blank, the mailing
list software will set it to this list.

For anyone to assist, the starting point would be the parameters to "user directive failed" which you did not tell us. As the manual dutifully explains, they tell you what was expected,
what was received instead (the culprit ) and the gprolog command involved.

 Ron [Melbourne, Australia]
 "The problems that we have created as a result of the level of thinking
 that we have done thus far cannot be solved at the same level of
 thinking at which we created them."                   - Albert Einstein.

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